Wig Out Streaming NOW + Teaser #2 and Fallon

Ring in the Year of The Jagbag™ by streaming our new record in full here:
And we are pleased to announce we’ll be returning to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon this coming Monday January 6th. Thats the day before Wig Out at Jagbags is released so pre-order now!!!!!!

The Countdown is on

Cinnamon & Lesbians Video

Our video for “Cinnamon and Lesbians” is out today! You can see it via Domino

It was directed by Jay Winebrenner  here in Portland
In addition you can also download the song at itunes today. All the details as well as some NY party news is sorted out eloquently by Matador below. Honestly we don’t fully understand everything that’s going on so …..
We’ll let Matador explain all this for you:

“…today sees the debut of the first proper video from the record, for the previously unheard “Cinnamon and Lesbians” (available now as an instant grat with iTunes preorder).

Additionally, Amazon has announced an exclusive US pre-release stream of Wig Out At Jagbags – it begins on New Year’s Eve !  The stream will live at – but don’t visit that URL yet as nothing’s happening there until the 31st of December. Instead, we’ve made it easy for you to set a reminder with iCalor with Google Calendar. Remembering is hard. We’ve got you. You can pre-order the CD and LP now.

ALSO: on Thursday January 9th some insane shit is happening at Other Music in NYC (SM + Jicks support a wide variety of retailers y’all). BUT: you have to do your work early by entering to win at the store or at We’re talking private show and private party with Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks. I am literally wigging out:”


Are you still reading? Oh, hi. Ok. Enjoy, see you soon. Have fun with all that stuff, hope it all works for ya.


Joanna Gruesome and The Megaphonic Thrift added to UK/Europe dates!

Check the tour page to find out who will be laying waste to your town. See you soon!


We are pleased to announce the US leg of the Wig Out At Jagbags Tour! We will be hitting a good part of the US and Canada starting in February and continuing well into April. We”ll be covering some familiar territory as well as new ground such as Pappy & Harriets in Pioneertown CA (!) and Missoula, MT ( MISSOOOULA!!!). As if that weren’t enough, we are playing with some pretty stellar outfits along the way. Tyvek starts us out in the Rockies through the midwest. Disappears join in Chicago through the northeast. Major ruckus bringers, Endless Boogie, choogle down the eastern seaboard. Purling Hiss help us try to find warmth down south, and Speedy Ortiz fuzz down our beloved left coast.

Pretty hard to beat if you ask us.

Head to the Tour page for all the details and ticket links.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Until then, take care of yourselves, and see you all soon!




Jicks are currently ensconced in fleece jammies recovering from our barn burner at the Crystal Ballroom this past weekend.

While we rest, we felt it a good time to give you all the hot gossip on our new record. When it will be here, what will be on it, what it will look like and what it could all be about.

‘Wig Out at Jagbags’, Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks 6th(!?!) record will be released January 7th!! (January 6 in the UK

pre-orders from the Matador store receive pre-order only ‘Pick Up The Spare’ 7″ on strawberry red single sided vinyl (while supplies last)

Itunes pre-order gets ‘Lariat’ instantly and B-side ‘Pick Up The Spare’ on release day….

US: EU/UK: http://smarturl….it/WIG-OUT-ITUNES


What made the cut?

A:  1. Planetary Motion 2. The Janitor Revealed 3. Lariat 4. Houston Hades 5. Shibboleth 6. J smoov

B:  7. Rumble At The Rainbo 8. Chartjunk 9.Independence Street 10. Scategories 11. Cinnamon & Lesbians 12. Surreal Teenagers


The Suits™ asked: “what’s the inspiration behind all this?” Stephen faxed the answer to the office and you can read all about it, as well as see the cover art over at


Oh, and what IS french for “jerry rig”?


Check the tourpage for Europe/UK dates and we’ll have the US dates ,which will shortly follow, up soon.

Hope this finds you in good spirits and health and we hope to see you all early next year!!!! In the meantime, don’t try to kick any higher than Van Morrison would.


Hey there !

As 2013 winds down, it is important to take time and reflect on…oh who are we kidding, we’re hittin’ the road!  Starting January 13 in Leeds, we will begin to begin again (and again).  Head on over to the TOUR PAGE and get a look for yourself, and hey, might as well get your tickets too? We’ll be hitting some familiar spots, as well as some new ones. We will be (insert sports metaphor) all over the place. Can’t wait to see ya.

Stay tuned…………

Crystal Ballroom Show Details

Our show at the Crystal Ballroom is coming up quick!

We are excited to be playing again, and excited to play with Rose Windows and the shredding Sun Angle!!

Get your tickets fast if you are in, or going to be in the Portland area November 8th.

We’re sorting out the songs right now, dusting off some oldies, and a bunch of new stuff from our new record.

More news coming soon, expect regular updates!

Jicks out.

News? Some news

Hey, whats happenin? Oh that’s what YOU wanna know!? Ok,well, what we CAN say is we are excited to be playing our first US show in a long time November 8th here, in Portland OR at the Crystal Ballroom in celebration of their 100 year anniversary. There will be ticket links up here and on the facebook soon.

Also, we finished our new record that was recorded this past year in Belgium, Berlin and Amsterdam with long time co-conspirator Remko Schouten. We will have the official release info (think EARLY next year) up here soon, as well as European tour dates, album info, book recommendations, affordable getaway suggestions, kitten pics, etc.

Hope to see you soon!


Brazil and Chile dates!

It’s been so long, see you in a few weeks!

4/26  Rio – Circo Voador

4/27 Maringa – NIte Club

4/28 Belo Horizonte – Granfinos

4/29 Sao Paolo – Beco 203

4/30 Sao Paolo – Beco 203

5/2   Porto Alegre – Beco 203

5/5    Santiago – Ex Oz

Tokyo and Osaka

Why not play a couple of shows in Japan before we go to Australia? Oh yeah, duh.

Dates Down Under, Canberra and Castlemaine added!

We’re very excited to be headed to Oz for some shows in Sept/Oct (including our favorite party in the outback), check out tour page for venues and ticket links.