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Hey there !

As 2013 winds down, it is important to take time and reflect on…oh who are we kidding, we’re hittin’ the road!  Starting January 13 in Leeds, we will begin to begin again (and again).  Head on over to the TOUR PAGE and get a look for yourself, and hey, might as well get your tickets too? We’ll be hitting some familiar spots, as well as some new ones. We will be (insert sports metaphor) all over the place. Can’t wait to see ya.

Stay tuned…………

Crystal Ballroom Show Details

Our show at the Crystal Ballroom is coming up quick!

We are excited to be playing again, and excited to play with Rose Windows and the shredding Sun Angle!!

Get your tickets fast if you are in, or going to be in the Portland area November 8th.

We’re sorting out the songs right now, dusting off some oldies, and a bunch of new stuff from our new record.

More news coming soon, expect regular updates!

Jicks out.

News? Some news

Hey, whats happenin? Oh that’s what YOU wanna know!? Ok,well, what we CAN say is we are excited to be playing our first US show in a long time November 8th here, in Portland OR at the Crystal Ballroom in celebration of their 100 year anniversary. There will be ticket links up here and on the facebook soon.

Also, we finished our new record that was recorded this past year in Belgium, Berlin and Amsterdam with long time co-conspirator Remko Schouten. We will have the official release info (think EARLY next year) up here soon, as well as European tour dates, album info, book recommendations, affordable getaway suggestions, kitten pics, etc.

Hope to see you soon!