U2 played chicago the other night. THis tour is the biggest grossing tour ever. Amazing. They are tiny ants on stage. ITs been said that these  big shows just don’t work no matter how much money you throw at production.  i agree.


Israel has nukes. And no one ever mentions it. I remember a while ago when i was traveling and for some reason the “relationship” between Aparthied South Africa and Israel came up.  Apparently the relation ship included sharing yellowcake!!!

speaking of SKeevy


this Strauss -Kahn stuff is ….yuck.

THe dude was propositioning  hotel workers all night, then has mystery lady over the night before. ,,,,,THen gets morning blowjob from housekeeper, probably forced …………… THen goes to McCormick and Schmidts  for lunch with daughter!!!  Im assuming this is an average sunday for the guy.  TO each his own?


quick hits–

Ellsworth Kelly was looking great at the CHicago Art Institute.  THey have a   Meatyard exhibit too.  FOrgot about him.

WIttgenstein loved dimestore detective stories.

The Indiana Dunes are amazing for fourth of july.

Millennium Park is looking a success

Adam Dunn totally sucks and Eric Hosmer looks for real (went to game)

Danny Espinosa is having a great year and I predicted that one.


CHECK out : EMA ,TY Segall ,Real EState ,Cass McCombs county line, any SHeepeater records out of Hailey Idaho,

Neptune COllection (folkways) ,Crazyhead 12″,  ROn and SHirley Rock and Scroll