“Hey its May 2011– and we have some updates. Yeah, the new album is called “Mirror Traffic”. There was a lot of deliberation on the album title front but in the end we went the cryptic route–for some reason “Madonna in Love” didnt swing it with the test market. FOr a long stretch when it was gonna be called “L.A. Guns”, but with lawsuits flying left and right these days, I was talked off the ledge by cooler minds. This is bad form to talked about what might have been, Negative Hypnosis, but in the age of tell-all I thought I’d join in.

We recorded it with Beck over the last year. It took a while to finish due to “Life”–the actual “rock hours” were pretty reasonable……..in fact 68% of the tracking, vocals included, took place on one day, a first for me. We pretty much left it all out there, so look for 50 minutes of tunage, 13 songs, and LOTS of good times.

Also, Janet Weiss is not with us anymore–over the last year she started Wild Flag …..its a growing concern–We couldn’t hit the daily double. We wish her well in her future shredding. …

THe silver lining — Jake Morris of the Joggers and newly hatched Night Moves has assumed the throne, and it’s a pretty swank fit. Look for us in all the usual places in September.

THats all for now. Thanks y’all